wedding photography

A Small Wedding by Ron Cowie

I used to shoot a lot of weddings and I don't know why that stopped happening. I still love them. I guess the over-commericalized "packages" and departure from the importance of the ceremony itself soured me on the whole thing. The events seem to become more about the the vendors and less about what I consider to be a sacred moment between two people and their families. 

In any case, this was a wedding I photographed. 

"No, You Get A Room!" (Engagement Portraits) by Ron Cowie

A little liplock at sunset never hurt anyone.

A little liplock at sunset never hurt anyone.

New England is known for being a little uptight around public displays of affection ("P.D.A." according to The Preppy Handbook). However, when you find that one person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you get to make-out a little.

Sessions should be kept simple. I'm interested in showing the connection you share with your partner. Often, for me, that just requires simple light, a beach and, my camera.