Event Photography

A Small Wedding by Ron Cowie

I used to shoot a lot of weddings and I don't know why that stopped happening. I still love them. I guess the over-commericalized "packages" and departure from the importance of the ceremony itself soured me on the whole thing. The events seem to become more about the the vendors and less about what I consider to be a sacred moment between two people and their families. 

In any case, this was a wedding I photographed. 

Mario Testino Event by Ron Cowie

A few years ago I was hired by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to photograph the opening reception of Mario Testino's traveling show. This was a really big party with a lot of moving parts. When a PR representative hands you a list of who to photograph, it make your job a little easier and frees up some time. In between making pictures for immediate release, I'm still looking for the human story. 

It's really easy to take a stab at the fashion industry and these images do that. Underneath all the smiles and incredible gowns is a huge business that affects us all. I'm kinda jealous and also identify with the deep desire to move in this world. So, there is a little heartbreak wrapped up in these shots too. I wanted it to remain beautiful.