Promotional materials

Matunuck Oyster Bar by Ron Cowie

Rhode Island's best seafood restaurant is the Matunuck Oyster Bar. Located on Potter's Pond in East Matunuck, Rhode Island, MTKOB is nationally known for their great food and commitment to sustainable, organic farming.I was commissioned to create and manage the content for their social media platforms. I have been an admirer of the restaurant and Perry Raso for a long time, so it was a real honor to be a part of the team.

Here are some of the videos and still images I've made in support of their mission

A short piece about how the oysters are farmed and what give them their unique flavor.

The term "farm to table" gets tossed around a lot but Matunuck Oyster Bar has invested deeply in the idea. Most, if not all of their vegetables come from their own farms within three miles of the restaurant.

Oyster Facts for Matunuck Oyster Bar. Using humor to promote the health benefits of oysters.

A video playing on the idea of Oysters as aphrodisiacs and the sexual powers contained within. The object was to be scientifically accurate and funny at the same time.

A quick spot taking a fact and using it to promote the restaurant.