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Confessions of an artist by Ron Cowie

I didn't get into three group shows that I wanted to be accepted into and it hurts my feelings. It validates the false belief I carry around that says "I'm not good enough." or, better yet "No one understands me." What bullshit.

Here's the truth about it all, I'm lazy and have a sense of entitlement as long as my arm about my art and where it belongs. I don't think the rules of basic business apply to me when it comes to my vision. The simple reality is this, I'm the kind of guy who can write the words "my vision" without wincing and expect to be taken seriously. When I don't take myself seriously, my best work is born. I'm not the creator of the work, it comes though me. Why shouldn't I have a little fun and enjoy the show?

These three shows I'm not in give me a greater gift no amount of resume stuffing can provide: freedom. I can't really make interesting images and pay attention to the art world at the same time. I like what I like and I'll keep making it. I don't think my work is that complicated and some of it is just about beauty. So what?

The world needs more beauty and people like to buy that stuff. I need the money.

I'm 45 years old, it's time to get a little apeshit. These images I made when I lived in Boston. You can buy them at Bert & None Gallery. That's where I sell my art that isn't formally represented by a gallery.