Content creation

Five Suggestions for Succesful Social Media by Ron Cowie

I work with small business owners to produce content for their social media channels and websites. Here are five suggestions I keep giving. These five suggestions have been successful both personally and professionally. While they are excellent, they are not groundbreaking. On the upside, this is a short article.

1) Keep It Simple

You’re asking me to engage with you. Don’t make me jump through hoops to get your message. Be direct.

2) Keep It Short

If you want to hide important information, put it in second paragraph of anything you write on Facebook. You can always produce more than one piece of content around a particular subject.

3) Keep It Up

Once you decide to get into social media, you have to feed and water it regularly. You must provide fresh, relevant, and original content to your channel. You can share other people’s posts but let me know how it is relevant to you as well.

4) Keep It Attractive

The adage “something is better than nothing” is not true. Take the time to make your products or business attractive. Good light and composition go a long way. If you can’t do that, hire someone to do it…ahem.

5) Keep In Touch

Social media is about communicating. How you respond to your audience is very important. You want to talk with your audience not talk at them. Have a conversation. It’s more fun that way.

I could write more but I think this is enough for now. What do you think?