Providence Rhode Island

DESIGNxRI by Ron Cowie

I photographed the DESIGNxRI Lifetime achievement award ceremony held on the rooftop of the Providence G. Most of my job involves interrupting people who are having an otherwise delightful conversation so I can take a picture of them. It's a little awkward, but I move quickly and say thank you after the whole thing is over.

Between "grip and grin" shots, I'm looking for the atmosphere shots. This serves several purposes which I will list below.

  • It makes me look busy when, actually, I'm kind of spacing out.
  • These establishing shots are good for the party planners and function halls to use for secondary purposes. Lots of effort and planning go into a successful event and that should be recorded.
  • Party guests need to mingle and create new conversation groups.
  • Damn it, I'm an artist!

Here are a selection of images from that evening. Rest assured that there are plenty of "grip & grin" shots, but I just like these images for the sake of images. Also, let me state clearly and for the record that it's pretty thrilling to be asked to photograph the event for an organization that focuses so much on visual impact