I love photographing weddings. It is important for me to be reminded about the power of love, the importance of family, and the hope each ceremony brings for the future.  

About Me

  • I've been photographing weddings for 23 years.

  • My ideal weddings are the ones with a personal touch. Locations that are special to the couples, personal, unconventional ceremonies. Gatherings of friends and family to celebrate the love between two people in simple, elegant settings. I love backyard weddings.

  • I shoot digital and post the photos for purchase on a secure server

  • My "style" of photography is photojournalism with a twist. I capture  the important and most obvious moments of the day, but also the quiet little moments, the stolen glances.

  • I don't come to weddings with an personal agenda or formula.

  • Current fee structure is about $600 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. This includes:

    • My time during the event

    • Post-production editing and archiving.

    • Secure hosting on web platform.

    • Low-res files for sharing on social media and web platforms.

    • Hi-res files available for download for an additional fee. 

    • Prints are sold separately with no minimum purchase requirements.


  • Yes, I travel. Anything north of Providence or south of Stonington is an additional fee based on actual mileage, tolls, fees.

Some Final Thoughts

  • Great and simple power is created when two people in love stand in front of close family and friends to dedicate the rest of their lives to one another. I don't try to compete with that.

  • Every wedding is unique.

  • Everyone deserves beautiful photography on their wedding day. I can help with that.