Links of Interest


PhotoEye Gallery


  • This is a great resource for fine art photography in any and all forms. Photoeye has played an integral part in my development as an artist and creator.

Jill Enfield Guide To Photographic Alternative Processes

  • This book is easy to read and full of useful information. Not to name drop, but Jill is a friend of mine. How about that?

Coming Into Focus

  • A great general book although slightly out of date.

Keepers of Light

  • A Classic book of alternative processes.
  • Does a deep dive into paper and other variables.

The Darkroom Cookbook

  • This book has some classic recipes and great formulas for your wet darkroom needs.

The Silver Sunbeam

  • Quite simply the most important book for any alternative process photographer. 



Beth Dow

  • A terrific artist and thinker. She has some terrific platinum portfolios

Keith Taylor

  • Commercial platinum printer by day, artist by night and so forth. He also is the fortunate husband of Beth Dow.

Kerik Kouklis

  • Platinum printer, educator and artist. 

Bill Schwab

Jesseca Ferguson

  • Artist and educator based in Boston.

Jill Enfield

  • Artist, educator and, author. Major influencer in alternative processes.

Jonathan Blaustein

  • Photographer, writer, educator. Presents an interesting and accurate model for the 21st century photographer.

Scully & Osterman

  • Mark Osterman and France Scully Osterman are two of the most influential thinkers and creators in the field of historical process. The list of people they have taught is long. They are masters of the wet plate collodion process and most of their personal work is made using this process.

Kris Graves