Oh, Mama!

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Oh, Mama!

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Who do you call when the senses are overwhelmed?

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About the Oysters

I’m interested in how the same species of oyster can look so different depending on the conditions it grew: water, predation, location. Each shell tells a story about nature and change. The oysters I have photographed come from farms located in South Kingstown, Rhode Island.


My process for making these images involves setting up a location studio where the oysters are processed and packaged. I sort through thousands of oysters to find the most interesting ones. I’m looking for variations in shape, shell design, and that certain “je ne sais quoi”, which compels me to elevate this simple shellfish into a work of art.

 The oysters are photographed on location, at the farm. A typical session involves photographing hundreds of oysters which are edited and retouched in my studio.

The names are in reference to pop culture or history based on some visual cue the oyster gives to inspire me. It’s more fun than “Untitled”.

 Oysters have played a major part in history as an aphrodisiac, food for the masses, and now as a delicacy. They also are one of nature’s greatest environmental saviors. Oysters are natural water filters and maintain the eco system of the ponds and streams where they live. It is amazing how a simple oyster can be so beneficial and capture the imagination of the world.

With all that, why wouldn’t I photograph these humble, noble creatures?


Each pigment print is made on archival, fiber based paper. The size of the print is not the size of the oyster. Prints are numbered, named, dated, and signed on the back.