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What is the Curious Basement? by Ron Cowie

When I’m left to my own devices, I’ll be in the basement making prints or outside making pictures. It’s where I’m happiest and most creative. I’m also passionate about the community of artists who use photography. The Curious Basement refers to the fact that most home darkrooms are located in basements. It is the place for the most creative exploration in my life. The Curious Basement brings all this together.

I’ll be selling photos at affordable prices on my site here and sharing the process on my instagram channel.

I’m tired of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. My work and passion involve making things with light and precious metals.

Lack of Curiosity Kills by Ron Cowie

The example of an overflowing teacup to illustrate my resistance to learning is apt. I’m so full of everything “I already know” I become unteachable.

On the second day of my material and processes class (M&P), at the New England School of Photography, I was talking with the teaching assistant about film and specifically which film was “better”. I had my brand and he had his. When he challenged my brand, I could feel the grandiose “lizard-brain” rise to protect me. The next thought I had saved my academic and professional career. Instead of doubling down on what I “knew for sure”, the idea of acting “as-if”  I don’t know anything about photography arrived. I gave myself permission to be a beginner. I had the chance to actually learn stuff I already thought I knew.

The freedom and ease from not having to keep up the “know-it-all” act saved a lot of energy and stress. What I missed in grandiose posturing, I gained through humility. I also had a lot more fun.

I will never be entirely free of this self-defeating behavior but, every day provides new opportunities to learn and practice the alternative. For this, I am grateful

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Getting back to basics by Ron Cowie

Art-making has been about confronting personal issues that stand in the way of whatever message moves through me. The creative roadblocks are self-generated. Admitting I need to relearn film, I’m bringing myself to right size. I’m slowing down and being mindful. I’ve never been very good at outrunning the process, so I might as well align my pace with it and trust that the lesson I need to learn will reveal itself in due time.

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