Improv Workshops in Rhode Island

Ocean State Improv Festival 2018 by Ron Cowie

I’m happiest working with creative people. The Ocean State Imrpov Festival is hosted by the Contemporary Theater Company in the heart of Wakefield, Rhode Island. Improv groups from around the world have come to this very popular event that takes place in the beginning of summer. 

The improv workshops and classes at the CTC are great for anyone wanting to access their creativity. Improv is different than other forms of theatre because it made up on the spot and completely unscripted. The foundation of all improv is the statement “Yes, and…” which focuses on supporting your improv partner, being positive and present in the moment. 

It challenges the performer to remain flexible and generous.

It was Kaisa Kokko, and internationally known Improv actor and teacher, who said “You can’t break improv. Improv goes on forever.” 

I like being around people whose aim is to focus their creative energy for the benefit of others.