Mark David Hollis: Thank You / by Ron Cowie

1993, I’m in college in Cincinnati and Dave Schwinn, a musician, plays Talk Talk’s album “Spirit Of Eden” for me. I’m blown away. I buy “Laughing Stock” It still is one of my top favorite albums and became the soundtrack of my life.

Talk-Talk was a very successful pop band in the 80’s. Then they fell out of the MTV orbit. Then they came out with a body of work some would call “concept-driven” and changed everything. Their music is beautifully composed and elegant album journey. Mark Hollis, the lead singer and primary songwriter for Talk Talk,  went from a self-proclaimed no talent punk rocker to composing thoughtful and deeply felt music. My words don’t do it justice.

His example for being creative influenced me. He showed you can go deeper and still have success. You don’t have to make stuff that pleases everyone.  Creativity is something that should be honored and followed.

It takes a while for the idea to arrive. There are flashes and glimpses in the early days but, it takes work and faith to complete the journey. That process never really ends.

I take comfort knowing I can create and bring the material of my experience to the process. Beauty takes time.

Mark Hollis died recently. He was fifteen years older than me. His living example is a lighthouse.

I am grateful for his contribution to the world. I am grateful that his music exists and will live forever.