Ask For Help, Make It Better / by Ron Cowie

When I ask “How can I make this better?” instead of “What do you think of this?”, I get honest, constructive feedback that improves the quality of my work my thinking around it.

Like most people I get wrapped up in the process of my work to really see it objectively. I’m also prone to feeling vulnerable and insecure; which presents as grandiosity. I’ll imagine myself as an unappreciated genius just waiting to be discovered. The only work that thinking has created is a performance piece I call “Insomnia”.

The creation of “great” artwork is often portrayed by a complicated, sensitive, loner artist, working in some basement or obscure island. It is a myth used in response to the fear of getting hurt or being totally misunderstood by “the public”.

If we live our lives in relationships, why should our creative efforts be any different? Asking for help encourages people to be helpful. It creates an atmosphere where change and growth can occur. It builds connection and diminishes the ego.

Having a collaborative conversation is more satisfying and productive than working to defend half-baked ideas and have my feelings massaged.

In that spirit, what can I do to improve this? What did I leave out? What questions are still unanswered?